Hire experts to manage your portfolio

You don't need to be an expert to have a profitable crypto portfolio, this is our job, let our experts take care of the hard work.

Fixed income contract

No unhappy surprises, the profits are agreed upon deposit, independently of our performance, you receive what you have paid for

200% fixed return

Our fund has a fixed contract of 1% hourly for 200 hours, for a grand total of 200%. Leave the hard work of managing the portfolio for our traders

12% commissions

You can extend your profitability by inviting your friends and promoting our investment fund. You will get a flat 12% over all and any deposit your referrals make

Online Support

If you have any questions you can reach our communities on our social media or by e-mail. Communication is key and we are masters at it.Our support will be happy to help

Black box trading is the future

Technology is evolving for black-boxing everything. Black box means you don't need to understand what is happening or how does it work. Think of it like a mathematical function, you give inputs and get outputs. The same is true for black-box investing, you input a deposit, our staff manages the funds for maximum profitability, and you receive the rates agreed upon deposit, no bad surprises, no headaches.

Contact with us

Diversified portfolio

Our fully managed portfolio fund is diversified into many crypto assets for speculation and dividends (Proof of Stake, so we can absorb any market abnomality and profit at all seasons)

  • Speculative coins covered
  • Dividend paying coins covered
  • Multi-exchange arbitrage covered

More about our service

Learn a little bit more about our operations and our fully managed black-box fund


Our contract of 1% hourly for 200 hours can give you the desired financial freedom


By promoting us you can get an extra income of 12% over all of your referrals investment


We absorve the market instability and give a fixed return to our customers


Black-box investing means the professionals manage the portfolio and you manage your income


Our experts are prepared to absorb all market abnomalities and delivery what we promisse


We are a startup with a dream to bring black-box to the world of savings and revolutionize the industry

Use our promoting tools

On your user panel you will find a few promoting tools that will help you increase your income by getting referrals. Promoting Bitlicate is easy and fun.

  • Unique Referral link for each user
  • Simple and efficent image resources
  • GIFs for banners in many sizes

How our team works

Get a closer insight of the routine of our black-box investing experts

Team curation

We assign a team of experts to curate the assets of our fund. Great mind doing great work together.

All day shifts

We have experts on-site all day long to ensure we get the best opportities at the right time.

Cost Optimization

By having teams 24/7 checking all possible market outcomes we ensure to always have an edge over the investment funds.